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Molehill Empire

Tarih: 31-01-2017 21:14:31 + -

The fluffy white cuddly bunny unique magician Zwergolino suffer from stage fright. If they do not quickly get back on its feet, the magic show might fall into the water.

Molehill Empire

The fluffy white cuddly bunny unique magician Zwergolino suffer from stage fright. If they do not quickly get back on its feet, the magic show might fall into the water. Since healing spells but not part of the repertoire of illusionists, it depends on your help. Of course it makes you immediately to Wurzelimperium herb garden where you grow from now on for a week field mint. From the harvested herbs Zwergolino prepares for a potion that makes the cute bunny fit again, so that he can pull out of its cylinder problems. Unless you have already reached level 10, you can use the Wurzelimperium herb garden and start your seedlings grow there. The you get from the local exchange dwarf who for ten acres mint sprouts a certain number of other fruits or vegetables demands such as zucchini or oranges. Every time you small plants harvested from the flowerpots in your Wurzelimperium herb garden, they are automatically transferred Zwergolino or during other events, the corresponding Quest donors. However, you will gain so no new seedlings. For each flower pot that you want planted with corn mint, you will need the free browser game first other products against the rung exchange. While the plants in Wurzelimperium grow onto herb garden in front of him, it happens every now and then that makes weeds in the earth wide. That depends on the plant, although no serious damage, but slows down the waiting time until the harvest significantly. So you should dedicate your herbs are constantly get rid of the parasites.

Play Rabbit doctor and get rewards.

During the event, you are at the root of the empire herb garden different person available who support you, for example, while planting the whole field at one time or harvest and preserve it from weeds. In addition, you stands the so-called growth accelerators can be used, which, as the name implies, ensures that you present your herbs brings faster harvest maturity. However, the costs you coins - Premium currency that you have to buy with real money - that you can use it also for direct filling of tanks task if you do not have time to wait for it to grow the corresponding quantity field mint plants.

Once you have the wizard Zwergolino passed all the herbs, he heartily thanks with you and reward you with two percent of the points that are missing you until the next level. In addition, you will receive for each sapling which is still in a flower pot for action at the root of five dollars, provided you have submitted the required amount of herbs. The event Wurzelimperium herb garden runs from February 24 to March 2. During this time you can grow corn mint and make the rabbits of the magician healthy again. Should you not do it at this time all herbs to harvest, you will still be counted in the week after the end of the action all seedlings that were already located at that time in the flower pots. New seedlings you can no longer grow after the 2nd of March. The shoots that are still on a shelf after the event in Molehill Empire herb garden, stay there until ye may be able to use for a task again.

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