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Peggle Blast

Tarih: 31-01-2017 19:04:35 Güncelleme: 31-01-2017 19:07:35 + -

It's green, it's loud and it's time to party, especially in Ireland and America: The St. Patrick's Day. Sure, that also adorns Unicorn Bjorn immediately with shamrocks and a cylinder to honor the saints.

Peggle Blast

It's green, it's loud and it's time to party, especially in Ireland and America: The St. Patrick's Day. Sure, that also adorns Unicorn Bjorn immediately with shamrocks and a cylinder to honor the saints. The four-legged mythical creatures known for its raucous parties and because he always overdoes it, you have the chance not just one day, but two weeks the St. Patrick's Day celebration. During this period, which begins today, great day, every day you have access to new green and particularly tricky rounds. Of course, Bjorn has also invited a few friends over for the festivities, including Peggle Blast Sabiene heard. However, the little insect has a large family that she brings of course, because those who like to celebrate without the relationship? For the 15 new levels, denies her the dreamer, the swarm of bees, however, is very helpful. Shoot her a green token from, you will automatically activate the special ability of Peggle Blast Sabiene. Which consists of a whole swarm to load your cannon insects, so that four times the power behind it. In this way you not only acknowledges orange stones easily out of the way.

Firecrackers provide Disarming mood

For Bjorn it can never really colorful and loud enough to go, so he came up with for the St. Patrick's Day special. He firecrackers going with whom he frightens only too fond of the party guests. Unfortunately, the fun is somewhat out of control, so the green amphibians now permanently hop on the playing fields through the area, which are among the levels of Peggle Blast Sabiene. Direct your cannon so that their ammunition first meet the jumping around firecrackers exploding green animal, chasing the same time surrounding tiles into the air. So you can watch the little slippery creatures best use for your purposes. And there's a loud bang to Bjorn's pleasure too. With the latest update you meet not only the new Peggle Master Blast Sabiene and celebrates wild parties, but it is you now also a number of new Google Play successes available if you play with an Android tablet or smartphone , So you will be rewarded for example, when you complete as many levels with three stars or more target Secure shots abgebt.

Peggle Blast


No no, of course - to unlock in Peggle Blast Roxy, you'll just have a lot of soda cans empty drink and wait and see what happens! The droll raccoon with whom he relieved enough of the cans in the luggage, you life considerably. Since the current Peggle Blast update because there are in addition to keys, eggs, dwarves and other obstacles too small, hairy opponent that stare you with its many eyes and can easily turn the whole level in a single sticky network. If you're thinking it's about spiders, you have guessed correctly. The small insects appear now and then in the 15 new levels and spin their yarns about individual pieces, which you then use your silver bullets often meet to resolve them. Thanks to the raccoon Lady Roxy but is also for you as real experts no problem at all, because she shakes soda cans like no other and has its own special ability, known as Sodapop Power perfected. With their help, their merciless bombing game pieces out of the way and also the nasty spiders crawl back to their corners.

With Peggle Blast Events Roxy also finding their way into the colorful game

In addition to the Raccoon warrior and the eight-legged insects that are in the puzzle game Peggle Blast from now on events in which you participate within the app. The emerge at a regular interval of two weeks and offer you daily new levels and challenges that you master. So rejoice before the Valentine's Day, for the first event, which unfortunately can not deny her with Peggle Blast Roxy, will take place on 14 February. With Unicorn Bjorn, who is as Cupid by your side during daily tasks, the feast of lovers makes it even more fun. In keeping with the event he even has a red, heart-shaped sunglasses and who knows - maybe he warmed with his love even the heart of Fnord.

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